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Nothing matters more to us than the health and wellbeing of our customers, our colleagues and their families.

For this reason, with immediate effect, we have made the decision to temporarily close our office to the public until further notice in response to the Coronavirus pandemic. We apologise for any inconvenience. Our priority is to protect the welfare of our employees and customers and with the latest guidance from the HSE, we must honour this and do everything we can to protect our community and to reduce the further spread of the virus.

We will be contactable by phone or email and working behind closed doors until Friday evening in an effort to get as many cars repaired as possible. Customers cars which will not be ready by Friday evening will be contacted directly and alternative arrangements will be made.

We will still carry out estimates by WhatsApp using 087-7391706 and you can still email us on

Please continue to stay safe, take care of your families and together we will get through this.

Thank you for your support.

Air Conditioning Service

Why is it important to maintain your vehicle's air conditioning system?

1.Good quality air is very important to everybody suffering from allergies such as hay fever or dust particles.

2. You will prevent pollen and bacteria that can also cause odours, from entering your car.

3. It is important to maintain Cooler and cleaner air.

4. You can prolong your air conditioning systems life if you maintain it in good condition, and you will have less repair bills in the long run.

5. Think how nice it would be not to have your windows all steamed up in winter, and good quality clean cool air in summer.

6. There are filters that should be checked, and if blocked, changed in the air con system, that help to prolong the life of the unit.

7. An Air Conditioning system that is not functioning correctly will cause a car to consume more fuel.

At Autotech we will maintain your cars air conditioning system with state of the art equipment and we can give you a full diagnostic report, detailing any system errors or faults, that are pending.